3 Sega Genesis Classic Games Relaunched on Nintendo Switch Online

Samanta Blumberg


3 Sega Genesis Classic Games Relaunched on Nintendo Switch Online

Do you still reminisce about the Sega Genesis, one of the consoles that defined the gaming era back in the 1990s? Nintendo is bringing back some of the most beloved titles from it. If you are a Nintendo Switch online subscriber, you can soon revisit those days playing Sonic Spinball, Space Harrier II, or Shining Force II, and maybe other games later.

The first to arrive is Sonic Spinball – a pinball variation that features Sonic and other characters from the franchise (that now feels better than ever because of expanding into cinema and making its appearance on Roblox). This game is one of the most unusual Sonic installments, borrowing from both earlier titles and the animated series but featuring unique gameplay.

As for Space Harrier II, it’s a rail shooter popular in the late 1980s, and, like many less-known titles of the era, it succeeds at delivering the nostalgic vibe better than period classics like Mega Man or Super Mario Bros. It’s as the 1980s as Back to the Future or Billie Jean. This doesn’t apply to Shining Force II, a tactical adventure game that looks like many of today’s indie projects. Both of these will arrive later, though.

Nintendo and Sega used to be rivals in the console business, but they are partnering now since Sega quit console manufacturing and focused on game development and publishing. So no wonder it’s Nintendo that resurrects classical Sega Genesis titles and makes them available for subscribers. To access these titles, you need Nintendo Switch Online subscription that includes the Extended Packs.

Did any of these titles make you reminisce? Have you played any of them in the original, or maybe it's later reissues? Are they a reason to get an Extended Pack for your NSO subscription? Let’s speak about these unforgettable titles (and maybe others) in the comments!