Gmail Material You Interface to Reach All Users. Get Ready!

Greg Burn


Gmail Material You Interface to Reach All Users. Get Ready!

Material You, the recent trend in interfaces by Google, has reached the web version of Gmail. Now all users will see the lightweight version of Gmail, with less unnecessary lines, more free space, and notification bubbles in Chat and Spaces. How will it affect the performance and the usability of Gmail? Let’s see it working.

The first thing you see on the left is the sidebar that contains four icons of Google services available on Along with Gmail itself, these are Spaces, Chat, and Meet. If you receive a message on Chat or Spaces, it will be displayed on Gmail as a bubble notification, so you can go to it directly. It’s hard to miss these bubbles in the lower left corner of the window, so they won’t overlap any other elements.

The list of your inboxes is in the next column, while most of the screen is devoted to emails themselves. For each letter, you now see a short preview that also shows if there are any attachments or links, and the controls are easier to access without opening an email. The overall look is now lighter, with more air between texts and more readable.

Google started introducing this new design earlier this year, having announced it back in January. Now the new interface has made it all over the globe, to all the users of Gmail. There is still an option to go back to the old design, though, if you find this one not so convenient.

There will also be more improvements for the tablet version of Gmail, which are scheduled to be implemented later in 2022. The tablet experience is quite a special sort, so Google may still spend some time testing some of these improvements and either not implement them at all or take more time to refine them.

Do you like the new Material You interface of Gmail? How long have you been seeing it? Have you ever thought of switching back to the old version? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!