Microsoft Announces a Pastel Controller Collection

Greg Burn


Microsoft Announces a Pastel Controller Collection

Just in case you’ve been thinking of upgrading your Xbox controller lately, consider the possibility to purchase one in a pretty pastel color. A recent post on Xbox Wire introduces the public to a whole range of brand-new candy-colored controllers. This is the result of the Designed for Xbox team’s close collaboration with a number of partners. OtterBox, PowerA, and 8BitDo have all contributed to the delightful gaming accessories.

In particular, PowerA has been boasting its Enhanced Wired Controllers, designed specifically for Xbox Series Series X|S. The new model comes in five color options and is very similar to the original controller except it features a wire. It’s also cheaper than the initial edition at under 40 USD. The controller features two advanced gaming buttons at the back for custom mapping in case you want to program the most important commands. The series features a minty gree variant, two pastel gradients, and two cute patterns.

8BitDo’s Ultimate Wired Controller for Xbox is somewhat more advanced since it not only enables you to map buttons but also lets you adjust parameters such as stick and trigger sensitivity as well as vibration. There’s also a dedicated button for switching between modes or games. This pastel-pink controller is just around 45 USD.

Finally, the Lilac Dream edition of OtterBox’s Easy Grip Controller Shell in Lilac Dream is not a full-fledged controller but rather very pricey (around 40 US dollars) protection for one. With its playful glittery design, it’ll surely add some sparkle to your good old controller and ensure a really firm grip on it.

Now that spring is really close, do you feel like it’s time for some pastels? Or would you rather not invest in something that’s not black? Share your thoughts in the comments.