Spotify is Adding ‘Swipe to Queue’ Feature

Greg Burn


Spotify is Adding ‘Swipe to Queue’ Feature

If you ever wanted a quick method of adding music tracks to your queue on your Android phone, then you’re in luck, since Spotify is rolling out a new feature that does exactly that. In the past, such a feature was only available for iOS users. It has been available for years on iOS but Spotify waited until now to release such an important feature for Android users. The feature isn’t going to be named “Swipe to Queue”, since the official name of this feature isn’t released used.

Additionally, Spotify is recognizing just how popular podcasting is and does all it can to improve the user experience of people who want to listen to podcasts. For example, last month Spotify has invested more heavily into podcasting and acquired Podsight and Chartable. These two services provide great insight into podcasting publishers and advertisers. Chartable, for example, provides insights into audience reaction which is a great tool for publishers, since it allows measuring the effectiveness of growth campaigns.

The “Swipe to Queue” feature has not been officially added to Android yet, but it was spotted by users of Reddit who claimed that the feature has already been rolled out. We have also made some inquiries and found out that this feature will indeed become available to all Android users.

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