Twitter to Introduce a Dedicated Tab for Podcasts

Greg Burn


Twitter to Introduce a Dedicated Tab for Podcasts

Podcasts become a new focus for Twitter, after introducing Spaces as a purely audio experience. A recent leak shows that Twitter is soon to make even more steps to promote podcasts. Its new upcoming interface will feature not one, but two ways to quickly reach the podcast section.

Two app researchers independently reported this upcoming feature, according to data they found in the alpha version of the Twitter app for Android. Podcasts will become a big thing on Twitter, as the developers add not one, but even two ways to quickly access this section. Maybe only one of them will be available in the final version, but maybe both will remain as well.

One of the ways is a line in the left sidebar, next to Spaces. No wonder two audio experiences by Twitter are tied. There is even a suggestion that Twitter may integrate two modes by allowing users to record their Spaces sessions and then publish them as podcasts. It would require at least a basic audio editor, though, which would require lots of effort and much time (unless it’s already in the works).

Another evidence is an icon in the dock, next to the hashtag icon. This also shows the importance of podcasts for Twitter. Especially after the company acquired Breaker, a podcast search app. Now it may use the algorithms of Breaker to integrate the experience of Twitter with its audio services and encourage podcast makers to produce new content for Twitter.

There are many ways in which text tweets may enhance the experience with podcasts and audio sessions. Users can just share their podcasts and Spaces in tweets, discuss a session in real-time, or enhance it with media materials that need to be shown as illustrations, like photos and videos. What other integration of tweets and podcasts do you see? Share your ideas in the comments if you please!