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Dawn of the Breakers Review

Dawn of the Breakers is an application by CyberStep, Inc.. Dawn of the Breakers was first published on . The app is available on Steam, Other.

An Unpredictable Journey

Dawn of the Breakers is an anime-inspired 3D action game built around an extensive single-player campaign in which you'll battle against a variety of foes, ranging from eccentric super-powered villains, to massive and truly fearsome monsters. Make new allies and uncover treacherous plots as you progress through the main scenario!

Extensive Customization

Choose from a large roster of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.
Develop them into the heroes they were meant to be by awakening their latent attributes.
Arm them with equipment to further unlock their potential!

Cooperative Play

Take your customized heroes into the cooperative mode, allowing up to 3 players to test their mettle against some of the toughest enemies in the game.

Fight For Glory

If you live for thrills, an even greater challenge awaits! Participate in competitive ranked and unranked Team Deathmatch, in which two teams of 3 players are pit against each other. Want a more direct method of testing your skill? Walk yourself over to one on one Duels!

Dawn of the Breakers

3 / 5

Dawn of the Breakers Logo
Author: CyberStep, Inc.
Size: 1 GB available space

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