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3 / 5


AFY Games


10 GB available space

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RAMS Review

RAMS is an app by AFY Games. RAMS was first published on . It is available on Steam.

RAMS is a shooter based on the mechanisms of the Battle Royale, but with more attention to the detail, with a sharp focus on the experience of each and every moment of your playtime. RAMS will take you on a journey much deeper than the standard shooter game, with the ability to expand and train your character in broader strokes. You are more than just a gun.

If we talk about the details

  • The maximum number of players on a 5x5 kilometer map is 30 people. So far, we are opening 1/4 of the map for early access, so in the future we should expect an increase in the playing area. The number of players will remain the same.
  • Players will own a hideout, which can be modified and will give some bonuses to an owner. But for early access it's just a safe place to relax between matches.
  • You can buy some equipment from our in-game shop — RAMSNET — and take it with you to the match. It's all about an in-game ramscoins, you can get them for certain actions in a match, by winning, looting or killing other players.
  • We're planning to implement some unique mechanics for battle royale. One of them is a quadrocopter - one small thing, that can help you in a match, can be upgradeable and will bring you some more fun stuff during fights. Other - currency-mining farm. A place in your hideout that can generate you an in-game currency every hour. And more, a lot more, but in the future.
  • We're implementing a flexible system for the progress and development of your avatar inside RAMS. It should be ready to be shown in a couple of months. Character inside RAMS becomes stronger even in your absence. Over time, you will become better at handling equipment that you prefer. Your avatar learning something always, it doesn't sleep and don't need rest. So you can choose in which ways it'll progress — certain gun or overall physical discipline, driving or fighting. Your character learn skills even when you're offline, so you don't need to be online always.
  • Now we're focused on basic mechanics, but maybe in the end of an early access we'll start tests for automated tournament system. It's a more complex type of usual matches — but you can get some rare loot or a lot of in-game currency for top 3 places.
  • It's a basic gameplay process. You can win a match without even facing another player. Or by destroying them all and loot all their stuff. It's your choice.


3 / 5

Author: AFY Games
Size: 10 GB available space

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